-whole. complete, perfect union, welding together of dispensations,
keys, powers and glories. Also those things that were never revealed before.
are both of these right or is it specifically the second one. I guess that
the second one includes baptism for the dead in it, since it is all keys
powers and glories, I guess what I am asking is, is baptism for the dead the
ordinance that is necessary for the salvation of the whole human family, or
is there more than that. My thoughts are that there would is more to it, but
I don't really know.


Just remember that it is precisely this "welding together of dispensations, keys, powers and glories" that makes temple ordinances (including vicarious baptisms) possible. The gospel we live in our days is a combination of powers, ordinances, blessings, and privileges (or opportunities) that were revealed in different times in the history of the world to different groups of people in different continents. In addition, today's gospel also contains several elements (commandments, blessings, and opportunities) that were never before bestowed or required from anyone else.

For example, it is quite possible that no one in ancient times ever had to live a Word of Wisdom exactly the way we do--I'm referring to specific items in the WofW. No generation (to our knowledge) had access to the technological advances we enjoy. And with these advances came the possibility of requiring thousands of young men to preach the gospel thousands of miles from their homes.

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