As we were singing a sacrament hymn this past Sunday, I recalled the words that while the Savior was hanging on the cross not a word of murmuring came out of his mouth. The message was very clear and powerful to me. I promised the Lord that I would not murmur in the slightest degree and would instead uplift and encourage. 

When is someone murmuring and when is someone just venting? Can you think of any person who the Lord vented out to besides his Father?  As I'm writing this down possible answers are coming to my mind. I just was wondering however if you could share your thoughts about the subject.

Everybody needs to "let some steam off" from time to time.  The problem arises when one does that against someone else--in the firm of rudeness, violence, etc.

As far as "murmuring," I would prefer the definition described in the Book of Mormon through the example of Laman and Lemuel.  They were not only venting their frustrations, but they were often engaged in backbiting against, or resisting the instructions of, or simply disbelieving their father (calling him a "visionary" with "foolish imaginations" - 1 Nephi 2:11; 3:5) and younger brother ("our brother is a fool" - 1 Nephi 17:17-18).

We need to use constructive avenues to deal with stress.  Physical exercise does wonders because the brain releases endorphins, and these chemicals act on the central nervous system producing a soothing effect.  That combined with talking things over with good, uplifting friends will go a long way in helping us deal with the natural challenges of mortal life.

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