Business Management 300
Management & Leadership Principles
Br. Marcus H. Martins, Ph.D.          
(Syllabus updated on March 6)

Dr. Marcus H. Martins Marcus H. Martins, Ph.D.
Chair, Religion Department

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At the dedication of Brigham Young University-Hawaii in 1955, President David O. McKay stated: “From this school, I’ll tell you, will go men and women whose influence will be felt for good towards the establishment of peace internationally.” Our objective in this course will be to highlight a few management and leadership principles and practices that will assist us in fulfilling that prophetic vision.

Required Materials


Midterm 100
Project 200
Attendance & Participation 100
Final Exam 200

Final Grades

A    585-600 B-   525-539 D+  460-474
A-   570-584 C+  505-524 D   445-459
B+   555-569 C    490-504 D-  430-444
B     540-554 C-  475-489 F   001-429


An exercise in observation. Choose a group setting (a project for another class; or at work; or in a Church advisory council) and observe the actions of the participants. Then, describe the presence of 5 topics of leadership or group dynamics that you observed in that setting. This report should be turned in on the last class, April 7.  (Date changed on March 6)


The “usual stuff” applies: adherence to the Honor Code, regular attendance and participation in classroom discussion, accountability, respect for others and property, use of English language … yada, yada, yada. In addition, to me the term “make-up” refers only to cosmetics. So, exams will not be given in days other than those announced, and any late work will get a discounted score.  No work will be accepted after the end of the semester.

Schedule  (Tentative - subject to changes throughout the semester)




07 Jan

Introduction to the Course


Movie: Patton
(Discussion next week)

14 Jan

Efficient and Inefficient
Leadership Styles


Chapter 17 - Leadership

Discussion on the movie "Patton"

21 Jan

Leadership, Management, Power, & Influence

Book: Chapter 18 Power & Influence

Movie: Executive Suite

28 Jan

Managing Individuals: Personalities & Other Issues

Chapter 6 Analyzing Individual Behavior

Chapter 7 Motivation

Movie: Truman

04 Feb

Managing Conflict & Negotiation

Chapter 19 Organizational Change

11 Feb

Documentary: The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela

18 Feb

Decision Making

Chapter 16 - Decision Making
Movie: Thirteen Days

25 Feb

Movie: Fail-Safe

03 Mar

& Meetings

Chapter 15 - Communication

Documentary: Reagan

10 Mar

Study Guide for Midterm

Midterm (March 11 - 15 @ Testing Center)

17 Mar



Chapter 11 Effective Groups

Chapter 12 Intergroup Behavior and Conflict

Movie: Twelve Angry Men

24 Mar

Personal Preparation
for Leadership Roles
Study Guide for Final Exam

Movie: The Dirty Dozen

31 Mar

Chapter 21 Improving Your Own Effectiveness
Excerpts from David D'Alessandro's Career Warfare

Movie: Being There

Final Exam (April 1 - 6 @ Testing Center)

07 Apr

Last class

Review Final Exam

Report due


14 Apr

Last day of classes
Bro. Martins will be in Japan on this date




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