REL 121 - Introduction to the Book of Mormon
Study List for the Final Exercise

Bro. Marcus Martins

1. What did the large and spacious building in Lehi's and Nephi's visions symbolize? (1 Nephi 12:18)

2. Name three prophets who lived in the Old Testament times who were cited by Nephi, but whose books are not found in our current version of the Old Testament. (1 Nephi 19:10)

3. To whom was this sign--the three days of darkness--given? (1 Nephi 19:10)

4. Besides the righteous and little children, what other group of people is going to receive the benefits of the atonement? (Mosiah 3:11,16)

5. Christ offers himself as "a sacrifice for sin" unto which people? (2 Nephi 2:7)

6. In Father Lehi's dream, what did the tree represent? (1 Nephi 11:22,25)

7. "But to be learned is good if they ..." (2 Nephi 9:29)

8. We are free to act for ourselves--to choose the way to eternal life or everlasting death. This freedom is a direct result of ... (2 Nephi 2:26; 10:23)

9. What did Isaiah, Nephi and Jacob have in common? (2 Nephi 11:2-3)

10. By what principle did the Liahona work? (1 Nephi 16:28)

11. Who will judge the Twelve Tribes of Israel? (1 Nephi 12:7-10)

12. In Father Lehi's dream, what was the meaning of the mist of darkness? (1 Nephi 12:17)

13. What happens if the Spirit of the Lord ceases to strive with man? (2 Nephi 26:11)

14. What did an angel tell King Benjamin about the Messiah's sufferings? (Mosiah 3:7)

15. Again according to Nephi, are we saved by grace or by works? (2 Nephi 25:23)

16. What is Nephi's definition of "priestcraft"? (2 Nephi 26:29)

17. What are we going to be judged for: our thoughts or actions? (Alma 12:14)

18. He [i.e. the Lord] "doeth not anything save it be for the                                         ." (2 Nephi 26:24)

19. "The laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion; for if they labor for money they shall                             ." (2 Nephi 26:31)

20. List characteristics of churches in the last days not built unto the Lord: (2 Nephi 28:4)

21. According to Nephi, why should we feast upon the words of Christ? (2 Nephi 32:3)

22. Compare the deliverance of the people of Limhi with the people of Alma the Elder's. (Mosiah 22:5-11; 24:10-21)

23. Why was Jacob so anxious to call his people to repent with such boldness? (Jacob 1:19; 2:2)

24. Why were Many prophecies and teachings in the Old Testament pronounced in a complicated manner? (Jacob 4:14)

25. What sins did the Lord identify regarding rulers or government officials? (2 Nephi 20:1-3)

26. According to Nephi, what sins would corrupt churches in the latter-days? (2 Nephi 28:12-13)

27. Still according to Nephi, what are the strategies of the devil? (2 Nephi 28:20-22)

28. In the words of Nephi, what must we do to gain eternal life? (2 Nephi 31:20)

29. What must we do before we perform any service in the kingdom of God? (2 Nephi 32:9)

30. According to Alma, the Elder, how should we impart our substance (i.e. our possessions) with those in need? (Mosiah 18:28)

31. What is the only thing that can overthrow the church of God? (Mosiah 27:13)

32. Alma the younger wanted to reform the people. What most effective tool did he decide to use? (Alma 4:19)

33. Under what impossible condition could a wicked person inherit the kingdom of heaven? (Alma 5:25)

34. Does personal attitude have any effect on our ability to understand the word of God? (Alma 12:9-11)

35. According to Amulek, why were the wicked people of Ammonihah being spared? (Alma 10:22-23)

36. What did Alma teach concerning the possibility of Adam and Eve partaking of the Tree of Life? (Alma 12:23,26)

37. What are two of the things that we need to do in order not be tempted above our strength? (Alma 13:28)

38. The Lord does not dwell in                                  temples. (Alma 7:21)

39. At the time Alma Sr. was president of the Church, who was trying to destroy the Church? (Mosiah 27:8)

40. Why did the sons of king Mosiah decide to preach the gospel among the Lamanites? (Mosiah 28:1-4)

41. Identify Nehor's false doctrines (Alma 1:3-4)

42. Who was the expert lawyer that contended with Alma and Amulek? (Alma 10:31)

43. What scheme did the corrupt judges of city of Ammonihah employ to get more money? (Alma 11:20)

44. According to Abinadi, why did the Lord give the Law of Moses? (Mosiah 13:30)

45. Resurrection is a restoration that will come to all, except ... (Alma 11:44)

46. Identify the sins Alma specifically stated that would prevent church members from being saved. (Alma 5:28-30)

47. How did Amulek learn about Alma's mission in his city? (Alma 8:20; 10:7)

48. Would we have been better off if Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit of life instead of (or in addition to) the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? (Alma 12:26)

49. Why were high priests called? (Alma 13:6)

50. What are the "chains of hell"? (Alma 12:9-11)

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