2 Nephi 1-3

Questions for Review:

1. How did Father Lehi find out that Jerusalem had been destroyed? (2 Nephi 1:4)

2. Christ offers himself as "a sacrifice for sin" on behalf of the following people: (2 Nephi 2:7)

3. We are free to act for ourselves and not be acted upon. This freedom is a direct result of ... (2 Nephi 2:26)

4. "A choice seer will I raise out of the fruit of thy loins ..." Who would this seer be? (2 Nephi 3:7,15; Student Manual, p.24)

2 Nephi 1
More of Lehi's Prophecies and Teachings

Lehi sees the actual destruction of Jerusalem in a vision (4)

. So far, the people had to believe in the prophets' word that Jerusalem had been destroyed. Only after more than 300 years the Nephite people heard eyewitness accounts of the destruction (see 6:8; Omni 1:5,14-15)
Prophecies regarding the American continent (6-11)
. Note: the term"american continent" indicates the area extending from the region we know today as Alaska to the place known as Cabo de Hornos, or Cape Horn

. Other nations: Portugal, France, Great Britain, and Spain

. Here is an idea some people may have a problem with: the more The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grows, the greater the freedom and prosperity enjoyed by the people in the countries the Church is established

. One more thing: today there is more than one way to interpret the notion of "captivity". Some people may enjoy political freedom and not enjoy economic freedom, being burdened with debt. Others may enjoy both political and economic freedom, but not physical freedom-addicted to harmful drugs, prescription medicines, excessive quantities of food, gambling, etc.

An indication that Lehi received a confirmation of his calling and election (15; see D&C 131:5-6)

2 Nephi 2
Lehi Teaches Jacob about the Atonement

The extent of young Jacob's knowledge of Jesus Christ (4; see also 11:2-3)

"Men are instructed sufficiently that they know good from evil" (5; see also Alma 29:8; D&C 84:34-39)

No one in the world is justified by the law; because of their fallen nature, all mortals would be miserable forever (5) Christ offered himself as a sacrifice to answer the ends of the law for a certain category of individuals (7-8)
  Once the ends of the law have been answered, we are no longer miserable forever, and can be judged for our actions-either to be rewarded or to be punished for them (10)

Opposition in all things is an important feature in life (11-16)
    . Without opposition there would have been no creation

. There are things meant to act and things meant to be acted upon (14)

. Humans were created to act, but would not be able to do it if not enticed by opposite alternatives (16)

Conditions before the Fall of Adam (22-23) "All things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things" (24-27)

2 Nephi 3
Lehi Teaches Joseph about
Joseph of Egypt's Prophecy of a Latter-day Seer

A very important promise made to Joseph Ben Lehi (3,23)

Joseph of Egypt's prophecy of a latter-day seer (6-8,15,24)

The two records--Judah's and Joseph's-and their purposes (12)

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