2 Nephi 28-30

Questions for Review:

1. Identify two characteristics of churches in the last days not built unto the Lord: (2 Nephi 28:4)


2 Nephi 28

Characteristics of apostate churches: (3-6, 26; see Mormon 9:7-11)

Characteristics of apostate doctrines and philosophies in the latter-days: (7-9) Churches become corrupted because of pride (12-13; see also Mormon 8:28) Humble followers also stumble because of false doctrines (14)

Satan's strategies to deceive and enslave the people (20-22, 24-25)

Do not trust the arm of the flesh (31)

2 Nephi 29

Another characteristic of apostasy: rejection of additional revelations and books of scripture (see 28:29-30)

The Lord uses the testimonies of more than one nation (7-8)

The words of the Lord have no end (9-10; see also Moses 1:37-38)

The Lord has spoken to many nations, and in due time we will have all those words (12-13)


2 Nephi 30

The Lord makes covenants with repentant believers (2)

In the millennium all secret acts will be revealed (16-17; see D&C 1:3)

Fulness of revelations in the millennium (18; see also D&C 101:32-34; 121:26-31)

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