2 Nephi 31-33

2 Nephi 31


The Lord speaketh unto understanding (3)

The need for baptism (5-9) The Lord's commandment to follow Him into the waters of baptism (10-12)

In order to receive the Holy Ghost one must follow Christ: (13)

Salvation requires perseverance (14-16)

Nephi explains the way to eternal life: (19-20; compare with 2 Peter 1:4-11)

2 Nephi 32

Angels speak by power of the Holy Ghost (3)

The evil spirit teaches people not to pray (8)

Always pray before service (9)

2 Nephi 33

The Holy Ghost carries our words to the hearts of our listeners (1)

Hope exists only for those who reconcile themselves with the Lord (9)

Nephi bids farewell to his readers (11-15)

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