Alma 13-16

Questions for Review:

1. Why were high priests called? (Alma 13:6)

2. What are two of the things that we need to do in order not be tempted above our strength? (Alma 13:28)

Alma 13
Alma's Teachings in the City of Ammonihah (cont.)

Priests after the holy order (i.e. the Order of Melchizedek) are ordained to be witnesses of Christ (2,6)

How high priests after the holy order are ordained: The priesthood is eternal (7)

More information on Melchizedek (17-19; also read JST Genesis 14:25-40 in the appendix section of the LDS edition of the King James Version of the Bible)

Message of repentance is declared by angels to all nations, not only Jews and Nephites (22)

Pray not to be tempted above one's capacity to bear (28)

Alma 14

Zeezrom is convinced of his errors (6-7)

Believers and records are burned (8)

Alma constrained not to use the power of God to save martyrs (10-13)

Alma and Amulek are beaten, sent to prison, and tortured for many days (14-15,22,27-28)

Alma and Amulek are miraculously delivered from prison (23-29)

Alma 15

Alma and Amulek are expelled from Ammonihah (1,15)

Zeezrom is healed and baptized (5-12)

The church was established in Sidom (13-14)

Amulek lost everything because of his allegiance to the gospel and was consoled by Alma (16,18)
Alma 16

Ammonihah is completely destroyed by the Lamanites in a single day (2-3,9-11)

The gift of prophecy is employed to help liberate Nephites taken captives (5)

The church is established throughout the land, and the Lord prepared the minds of the people for the coming of Christ (15-17)

Priests worked to purify the people by preaching against sin and by reminding the people about the coming of Christ (18-19)

Nephites learn that Christ will come among them after his resurrection (20)

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