Alma 23-29

Alma 23

The quality of the faith of the converted Lamanites (6)

Only one Amalekite was converted; and no Amulonites (14, see also 24:29)
Alma 24

More Lamanite conversions as result of 1,005 martyrdoms (26)

Alma 25

The city of Ammonihah was destroyed after Lamanite conversions (2)

In later battles, almost all the seed of Amulon and his brethren was destroyed (4,8)

Alma 26

  Ammon boasts of his God, not of himself (12) The sons of Mosiah had been laughed at for their desire to preach the gospel among the Lamanites (23)

Their desire had not been to condemn the Lamanites, but to save them (26)

God is mindful of every people in whatever land they live (37)

Alma 27

Ammon's joy on meeting his friend Alma after 14 years (17)

This is the joy of the penitent and seeker of happiness (18)

Alma 28

Inequality of man exists because of sin and transgression (13)

Alma 29

The principle of accountability is based on the level of one's knowledge (5)

The Lord called ministers in all nations to preach portions of his word (8)

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