Alma 5-7

Questions for Review:

1. Identify the sins Alma specifically stated that would prevent church members from being saved. (Alma 5:28-30)

2. The Lord does not dwell in                                  temples. (Alma 7:21)

Alma 5
Alma's Teachings
to Members of the Church in Zarahemla

Signs of spiritual birth: (14-16)

It will be impossible to lie in the final judgment, unless one makes God a liar (17-19,25) Several sins that impede an eternal reward: (28-30) How Alma gained his testimony (45-46)

Alma's call to repentance was issued as a commandment to the members of the church and as an invitation to non-members (62)


Alma 6

Alma cleanses the church (3-4)

A glimpse of the practices in the Nephite church (1,5-6)

Alma 7
Alma's Teachings
to Members of the Church in Gideon

Nephites didn't know whether or not Christ would come among them during his mortal ministry (8)

Mary is mentioned by name for the second time in the Book of Mormon (10)

Christ's sufferings in the flesh (11-13)

Fear not; lay aside your sins that besets and binds you down and be baptized as sign of a covenant to keep the Lord's commandments (15)

Important qualities for saints: (23-24)

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