Alma 8-12

Questions for Review:

1. How did Amulek learn about Alma's mission in his city? (Alma 8:20; 10:7)

2. According to Amulek, why were the wicked people of Ammonihah being spared? (Alma 10:22-23)

3. Who was the expert lawyer that contended with Alma and Amulek? (Alma 10:31)

4. What scheme did the corrupt judges of city of Ammonihah employ to get more money? (Alma 11:20)

5. Resurrection is a restoration that will come to all, except ... (Alma 11:44)

6. Does personal attitude have any effect on our ability to understand the word of God? (Alma 12:9-11)

7. What are the "chains of hell"? (Alma 12:9-11)

8. What are we going to be judged for: our thoughts or actions? (Alma 12:14)

9. What did Alma teach concerning the possibility of Adam and Eve partaking of the Tree of Life? (Alma 12:23,26)

10. Would we have been better off if Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit of life instead of (or in addition to) the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? (Alma 12:26)

Alma 8

Alma finishes teaching the churches and after some rest goes on another mission (1,3)

Alma labored and wrestled in mighty prayer on behalf of the people of Ammonihah, and when they reject him he feels ... (10,14)

Alma is commanded by an angel to return to Ammonihah (12,14-17)

Amulek had been instructed by an angel to lodge Alma (20; see 10:7,10)

Alma and Amulek spend many days preparing for their mission (27)

Alma 9
Alma's Teachings in the City of Ammonihah

Many Lamanites will be saved, while unrepentant Nephites won't (14-17)

The people of Ammonihah are warned of their impending destruction if they do not repent (18-19)

The extent of the gospel knowledge given to the Nephites, and the consequent seriousness of their apostasy (20-21; also read D&C 82:3)

The people of Ammonihah attacked the prophecies, and belittled Alma (2,6, 31-33)

Alma 10
Amulek's Teachings in the City of Ammonihah

Lehi was a descendant of Manasseh, son of Joseph (3)

The effect of a second witness when preaching the gospel (12)

Some in the audience, especially lawyers, try to catch Amulek in his words, but Amulek used the gift of discernment to frustrate their strategy (13-18)

The prayers of the righteous spare the lives of the wicked (22-23)

Background information on Zeezrom (31; 11:21)

Alma 11
Amulek's Teachings in the City of Ammonihah (cont.)

Nephite judges received wages according to the duration of their work (3)

Nephites had altered weights and measures; king Mosiah II standardized the system (4)

The Lord cannot save the people in their sins (37)

Who will receive the effects of the atonement? (40-41)

Description of the resurrection (43-45)

Alma 12
Alma's Teachings in the City of Ammonihah (cont.)

Gift of discernment reveals the thoughts and intents of the heart, apparently not of the mind (7)

The hardening of one's heart brings complete loss of gospel knowledge (9-11)

Our words, works, and thoughts will condemn us (14-15)

What would have happened if Adam had partaken of the fruit of life? (23,26)

This life is a preparatory state (24)

Because of the fall of Adam we are free to act (31; see 2 Nephi 2:13)

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