Enos, Jarom, Omni
& The Words of Mormon
Enos 1

Enos' spiritual wrestle (2)

The Lord makes a covenant with Enos regarding the Lamanites (16) A description of the ancient Lamanites (20)

Many prophets appeared among the Nephites (22)

Only harsh discourses and clarity in preaching could keep the Nephites from apostatizing (23) Chronology: 179 years since Lehi's departure from Jerusalem (25) Enos' assurance of his eternal salvation (27)

Jarom 1

Nephites become wicked; yet, there were many still faithful (3-4)

Lamanites are more numerous than Nephites (4)

Chronology: 200-238 years since Lehi's departure from Jerusalem (5,13)

Nephites start to fortify their cities.  Precious things abound (8)

Belief in the Messiah is not limited or affected by time or location (11)

Prophets, priests, and teachers pricked the people's hearts with the word (12)

Omni 1

The second great migration in the Book of Mormon (12-13)

King Mosiah discovers the people of Zarahemla, a.k.a. the Mulekites (14-15)

Amaleki's final counsel: offer your whole soul as an offering to the Lord (26)

Words of Mormon

The end of the abridgement of the small plates of Nephi (3)

King Benjamin sets the house in order (16,18)

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