Mosiah 1-3

Questions for Review:

1. What did an angel tell King Benjamin about the Messiah's sufferings? (Mosiah 3:7)

2. Besides the righteous and little children, what other group of people is going to receive the benefits of the atonement? (Mosiah 3:11,16)

Mosiah 1


Without the plates of brass Lehi would not have remembered all the gospel information necessary to inherit a promised land (4)

Plates of brass apparently recorded in Egyptian (4)

Mosiah 2
King Benjamin's Great Speech

A righteous ruler does not impose heavy taxes on the people to support a lavish lifestyle (14)

Serve God by serving others (17)

Despite all our best efforts we are still unprofitable servants (21)

We have nothing of our own to boast about (23)

Preach unto people to have a clear conscience (15,27)

The cause and the nature of the eternal suffering (38)

Unrepentant transgressors in awful situation (40)

Mosiah 3
Teachings Delivered to King Benjamin
by a Heavenly Messenger

Christ's mission and works in his first coming (5-6)

The scope or extent of the benefits of Christ's atonement: Prophets have been sent unto all children of men in every nation (13)

The law of Moses was sent to prepare the people (14-15)

The natural man is an enemy to God, unless ... (19)

Knowledge of a Savior will be found in all the world in the future (20-21)

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