Mosiah 18-24

Questions for Review:

1. According to Alma, the Elder, how should we impart our substance (i.e. our possessions) with those in need? (Mosiah 18:28)

2. Compare the deliverance of the people of Limhi with the people of Alma the Elder's. (Mosiah 22:5-11; 24:10-21)

Mosiah 18
The Teachings of Alma Sr.

Responsibilities of all those baptized:  (8-10)

Priests taught only the gospel and worked for their livelihood (18-20,24,26)

Mosiah 19 & 20

The insurrection of Gideon, the death of king Noah, and the flights of Alma Sr. and king Noah's wicked priests

Mosiah 21

King Limhi's people under Lamanite bondage (13-15)

Because of the great number of widows, the men were instructed to support them (17)

Mosiah 22

Limhi's people and their tricky escape from the Lamanites (10-11)

Mosiah 23
More Teachings of Alma Sr.
and The Captivity of his People

There should be no feelings of superiority among those who profess to be the people of God (7)

Trust no one to be a teacher or minister, except a man of God who walks in His ways (14)

Mosiah 24

The Nephite language begins to be taught among the Lamanites by king Noah's former priests (4)

The Lord heard Alma's people's cries and blessed them with greater strength to endure their burdens. But He did not deliver them from slavery (14-15, 3:19)

The Lord-finally--delivers the people from Lamanite bondage (19-20)

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