Mosiah 25-29

Questions for Review:

1. At the time Alma Sr. was president of the Church, who was trying to destroy the Church? (Mosiah 27:8)

2. What is the only thing that can overthrow the church of God? (Mosiah 27:13)

3. Why did the sons of king Mosiah decide to preach the gospel among the Lamanites? (Mosiah 28:1-4)

Mosiah 25

Relative sizes of the 3 major ethnic groups (2-3)

Nephites' feelings towards the Lamanites (11)

The children of Amulon and the other priests renounce their lineage (12)

Establishment of the church among the Nephites (19-21)

Mosiah 26

The second generation after the unification rejects the gospel (1,3-4)

Alma receives the confirmation of his calling and election (20) Alma receives a revelation on how to deal with unbelievers: . Unforgiveness is sin (31)

Mosiah 27
The Conversion of Alma, the Younger, and his friends

Alma, the younger, and the sons of king Mosiah (Ammon, Aaron, Omner, Himni) are among the most hardened unbelievers (8,34)

The Lord sends an angel to prostrate Alma and his gang, as an answer to Alma Sr.'s prayers (11-12,14-19)

The word of the Lord through his angel: nothing can destroy the church, except the transgression of the people (13)

Alma Sr.'s reaction upon hearing the news of the visitation (20-21)

Alma the younger is converted by the power of God and becomes a preacher of righteousness (23-32)

Mosiah 28

Desire of the sons of Mosiah to preach the gospel was based on pure love (3-4)

The Lord tells king Mosiah: "Let them go", and promised eternal life to them (7)

The twenty four Jaredite plates are translated by king Mosiah II (13-17)

Mosiah 29
King Mosiah II's Discusson
of the Art of Government

It would be good to have kings if all of them were righteous (13)

A wicked king enacts and enforces corrupt laws, and can only be dethroned with much bloodshed (21-23)

Nephites switch to a representative form of government (25, 28-29, 32, 38-39)

King Mosiah II was loved by his people (40)

Election of Alma the younger as first Chief Judge, and the deaths of Alma Sr. and king Mosiah (42, 45-46)

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