Mosiah 4-8

Mosiah 4
King Benjamin's Great Speech (cont.)

First effects of King Benjamin's speech

Knowledge of God awakens a sense of: (5) What to do in order to receive salvation through the atonement: (6) There is no other salvation; there are no other conditions (8) Mortal man cannot comprehend all things (9)

What to do in order to retain a remission of our sins: (11-12; 26-27)

We are all beggars; so why not help others? (19,21)

Even those who do not have much in material wealth, should have the mental disposition to give (24-25)

Watch your thoughts, words, and deeds (30)

Mosiah 5
More on the Effects of
King Benjamin's Great Speech

The people experience a mighty change of heart (2)

After entering the covenant they become the children of Christ, being spiritually begotten (7)

"How knoweth a man the master whom he has not served?" (13)

Mosiah 6

Evidence of record-keeping among ancient Nephites (1)

Mosiah 7
The Expedition to the Land of Lehi-Nephi

Zeniff's over-zealousness in possessing the land (21)

The Lord will not succor His people in the day of their transgression (29)

Mosiah 8

Discovery of the Jaredite ruins and plates (8-9)

Definition of a Seer (13,15-17)

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