REL 122 - Introduction to the Book of Mormon
Study List for the Final Exercise
Bro. Marcus Martins

1. What brought great success to the 2,060 Stripling Warriors? (Alma 57:21)

2. What--among other things--did Amulek say regarding the Atonement? (Alma 34:9)

3. What had a "more powerful effect" on the people" to lead them to righteousness? (Alma 31:5)

4. "If ye have faith ye                      for things which are not                      and which are                      " (Alma 32:21)

5. What is going to happen with those who humble, repent, and endure to the end on their own? (Alma 32:15)

6. Many of the Israelites died when the Lord sent serpents to afflict them. Why? (Alma 33:19-20)

7. According to Ammon, what is the key to unlock the mysteries of God? (Alma 26:22)

8. What is the state of the wicked? (Alma 40:14)

9. What is the meaning of the Law of Restoration? (Alma 41:5-6,12-15)

10. What would have happened if Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit of the tree of life after partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge? (Alma 42:5)

11. What would happen with our souls if there had not been a plan of redemption? (Alma 42:11)

12. According to Samuel, the Lamanite, what did the Nephites seek all their days which was contrary to the nature of that righteousness which is in the Lord? (Helaman 13:38)

13. After about 4,000 years, the law of sacrifice no longer included sacrifices by the shedding of blood. What did the Lord require in its place? (3 Nephi 9:19-20)

14. When the Lord appeared to the Nephites, what was the first thing he commanded them to do? (3 Nephi 11:14)

15. "The gate of heaven is                  unto                , even ... those who ... believe on                    " (Helaman 3:28)

16. After great prosperity the Nephites fell into what grievous sin? (Helaman 3:25-26,33,36)

17. What is the result of building our foundation upon Christ, the Rock? (Helaman 5:12)

18. What miracles did the Lamanite rulers witness in prison? (Helaman 5:23,36, 29-32, 46-48)

19. "... except the Lord doth              his people with            , ... except he doth visit them ... they will not            " (Helaman 12:3)

20. In what way was wealth a curse for the Nephites? (Helaman 13:21-22)

21. What kind of judgment are we going to receive from the Lord? (3 Nephi 14:2)

22. How can we detect false prophets? (3 Nephi 14:15-17)

23. How much of Jesus' teachings to the Nephites is contained in the Book of Mormon? (3 Nephi 26:6-7)

24. Why have we received only a small portion of the Nephite record? (3 Nephi 26:8-11)

25. What power was not given to the Three Nephites who were to tarry on the earth? (3 Nephi 28:8-9,36-40)

26. What are the names of the three disciples who have lived for the last twenty centuries? (3 Nephi 28:25)

27. Describe the condition of the Nephites and Lamanites immediately after the Lord's visit? (4 Nephi 1:15-17)

28. What thing caused serious difficulty among the Nephites about 200 years after the coming of Christ? (4 Nephi 1:24-25)

29. What was Ammaron constrained to do, by the power of the Holy Ghost, in 320 A.D.? (4 Nephi 1:48)

30. How old was Mormon when he was contacted by Ammaron? (Mormon 1:2)

31. Which of the following conditions did Mormon need to meet before he could get the plates? (Mormon 1:3)

32. What significant event happened to Mormon when he was 15 years old? (Mormon 1:15)

33. What sin did Moroni identify as the cause of pollution in latter-day churches? (Mormon 8:36)

34. Some people expect to enter the presence of God without abandoning their sins. What would happen to such individuals if they were to face God without ever repenting? (Mormon 9:3-4)

35. Why do miracles cease among men? (Mormon 9:20)
36. List two things an investigator should show before being baptized in the Church of Christ. (Moroni 6:1-3)

37. What is the promise of the Lord to those who would live in the promised land now called the Americas? (Ether 2:8-12)

38. According to Mormon, what should we do to avoid the feeling of helplessness when facing great challenges? (Moroni 9:25)

39. According to Moroni, how can we avoid being cast out–i.e. rejected by the Lord? (Mormon 9:29)

40. Ether prophesied that this great city is yet to be built in the American continent:  (Ether 13:2-3)

41. What great miracle was performed by the brother of Jared? (Ether 12:30)

42. What kind of body did Jesus have at the time the Brother of Jared saw him? (Ether 3:16)

43. What statements can we make about faith? (Ether 3:19-20; 12:6)

44. What did Mormon say about our attitude when praying or offering gifts? (Moroni 7:6-9)

45. According to Mormon, how can we distinguish between good and evil, or if something is of God? (Moroni 7:13,15)
46. According to Moroni, how can one know that this record (i.e. The Book of Mormon) is true? (Moroni 10:3-5)
47. What does the Lord give us to make us humble and to make us come unto Him? (Ether 12:27)
48. What are the two reasons why little children need no baptism? (Moroni 8:8)

49. Why does despair come? (Moroni 10:22)

50. According to Moroni, what are the roots of pride? (Mormon 8:37)

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