Book of Mormon 122
Study List for the Midterm Exercise
Bro. Martins

1. List Korihor's false doctrines (Alma 30:13,17)

2. How did Korihor think about organized religions? (Alma 30:23,27-28)

3. What brought great success to the 2,060 Stripling Warriors? (Alma 57:21)

4. What did the converted Lamanites do as a token of their disposition to no longer shed blood? (Alma 24:15,17-19)

5. What-among other things--did Amulek say regarding the Atonement? (Alma 34:9)

6. "What miracles did the Lamanite rulers witness in prison? (Helaman 5:23,36, 29-32, 46-48)

7. When is the time for men-and women--to prepare to meet God? (Alma 34:32-33,35)

8. What do unbelievers generally say when they run out of arguments? (Alma 30:43)

9. How had Abish, the Lamanite woman, been converted unto the Lord? (Alma 19:16)

10. What was one of the characteristics of the apostate religion of the Zoramites? (Alma 31:22-23)

11. The Lord gave his missionaries strength so that their afflictions were                                              (Alma 31:31,38)

12. Who among the Zoramites believed in the words preached by Alma and Amulek? (Alma 32:2-3)

13. According to Alma, what are the effects of the good seed--i.e. the word of God? (Alma 32:28)

14. What did Zenos, an unknown prophet from Old Testament times, teach about the places to pray? (Alma 33:3-9)

15. According to Zenos and Alma, how can our burdens be made light? (Alma 33:11,23)

16. What happens to those who, once enlightened by the gospel, fall away into sin and transgression? (Alma 47:36)

17. What did Amulek teach about those who believe in the name of Christ and have faith unto repentance? (Alma 34:14-16)

18. What did Amulek teach about those who do not exercise faith unto repentance? (Alma 34:16)

19. Amulek also taught that our prayers would be vain if we                                        (Alma 34:28)

20. Did the church enjoy the support of the Zoramite government officials? (Alma 35:6,14)

21. What were some of the steps in Ammon and his brethren's preparation for missionary service? (Alma 17:2-3)

22. What had a "more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword or anything else" to lead them to do what was just? (Alma 31:5)

23. "If ye have faith ye                           for things which are not                          and which are                              " (Alma 32:21)

24. What is going to happen with those who humble, repent, and endure to the end on their own? (Alma 32:15)

25. According to Alma, why did many among the ancient Israelites die when the Lord sent the fiery serpents to afflict them? (Alma 33:19-20)

26. According to Alma, what is the destiny of the Brass Plates? (Alma 37:4)

27. Alma instructed his son Helaman to not disclose what part of the ancient Jaredite records? (Alma 37:27)

28. Alma used the director, or Liahona as a symbol of                                            (Alma 37:38,45)

29. What is the result of building the foundation of one’s life upon Christ, the Rock? (Helaman 5:12)

30. After death the spirits of the righteous go to a state called paradise. What is that state like? (Alma 40:12)

31. What is the state of the wicked? (Alma 40:14)

32. What is the meaning of the Law of Restoration? (Alma 41:5-6,12-15)

33. What would have happened if Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit of the tree of life after partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge? (Alma 42:5)

34. What would happen with our souls if there had not been a plan of redemption? (Alma 42:11)

35. Unto whom does the Lord grant his word, or parts of his word? (Alma 29:8)

36. According to Samuel, the Lamanite, what did the Nephites seek all their days which was contrary to the nature of that righteousness which is in the Lord? (Helaman 13:38)

37. What justification did the Lord give the Nephites to engage in war? (Alma 43:46-47)

38. When and how did Alma, the younger, die? (Alma 45:18-19)

39. According to Ammon, what is the key to unlock the mysteries of God? (Alma 26:22)

40. Captain Moroni quoted a little-known prophecy made by Jacob, Abraham's grandson, about his son Joseph's posterity. What was that prophecy? (Alma 46:23-24)

41. What do we learn about Nephite medicines? (Alma 46:40)

42. According to Mormon, what would happen if all men-and women--were like Captain Moroni? (Alma 48:17)

43. What was the Nephites' feeling concerning killing their enemies in battles? (Alma 48:23)

44. How did Gadianton gain supporters to his murderous secret combination? (Helaman 2:4-5)

45. Why did those Nephites in the land northward use cement? (Helaman 3:6-7,9)

46. Why does the Lord allow righteous individuals to be killed? (Alma 60:13)

47. Mormon wrote: "The gate of heaven is                 unto              , even unto those who will believe on                  " (Helaman 3:28)

48. Who became the next two record-keepers in the Book of Alma after the death of Helaman? (Alma 63:1, 11)

49. What two highly significant and correlated activities are mentioned at the close of the Book of Alma? (Alma 63:5-9)

50. What did Helaman, the son of Helaman, do with the sacred records in his possession? (Alma 63:12)

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