RelC 231 - The Gospel in Principle and Practice (a.k.a. Doctrines of the Gospel)
Final Exercise
Instructor: Dr. Marcus Helvécio T. A. Martins

Feel free to discuss these questions with your roommates, neighbors, and myself; but keep in mind that the actual writing must be the result of individual work. Any detectable attempt to copy answers from other students will be considered a serious violation of the Honor Code and will subject the perpetrator(s) to appropriate disciplinary action.

Type (or print
very legibly) your answers in order to turn them in later. Limit you answers to each question to short sentences and/or lists, as requested. Do not write any direct quotations; paraphrase the ones you want to use, if any, and just add the reference so I'll know where you got it.

First Part - 90 points
(6 points per question)

1. According to the Prophet Joseph Smith, what happens as we approach perfection? (Student Manual, p.3, Part C, Item 2)



2. According to the Prophet Joseph Smith, how do we know we are receiving revelation? (Student Manual, p.5, Part B, Item 3)



3. What did the Prophet Joseph Smith identify as the first principle of the Gospel? (Student Manual, p.7, Part B, Item 5)



4. List 5 titles or functions of the Holy Ghost: (Student Manual, p.12, Part B, Item 2)



5. What are some of the meanings of the verb "to atone"? (Student Manual, p.23, Part B, Item 2)



6. What is the difference between faith and belief? (Student Manual, p.36, Part C, Item 2)



7. What are the 3 necessary conditions to exercise true faith in God? (Student Manual, p.35, Part A , Item 2)



8. What are some of the fruits or effects of faith? (Student Manual, p.36, Part C, Item 4)



9. What is the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit? (Student Manual, p.45, Part C, Item 1)



10. List 3 avenues of--or ways by which we can receive--divine revelation. (Student Manual, p.4, Doctrinal Outline, Part B)



11. What does the expression "to be valiant in the testimony of Jesus" mean? (Student Manual, p.92, Part D, Item 2)



12. True or False. Spirits were organized in the pre-mortal existence according to their races, languages, and nationalities. (Student Manual, p.14, Part B, Last Item)



13. (Fill in the blanks):  In the creation process, everything was pronounced "good" by the Gods, except:  .........   without the ...........  . (Genesis 2:18; Moses 3:18; Abraham 5:14)

14. Briefly describe our dual nature as a result of the Fall of Adam and Eve. (Student Manual, p.21, Part E, Item 2)



15. True or False. As result of the Fall we have a dual nature that consists of: (1) the flesh and its desire for physical gratification; and (2) the spirit which can help us overcome the inclinations of the flesh and seek the divine. (You're welcome.)

Second Part - 60 points
(15 points per question)

16. List 3 of the "tools" suggested by Elder Talmage as being used by the Holy Ghost to carry into effect in this world the decisions of the Supreme Council. (Lecture Notes on the Holy Ghost)




17. How can we define the Aaronic and the Patriarchal Priesthoods in relation to the Melchizedek Priesthood? (Lecture Notes on the Priesthood)




18. Interpret the following expression: "to magnify a calling." (Lecture Notes on the Priesthood)




19. According to President Joseph F. Smith, why did the Lord guard the sacred institution of marriage with the most severe penalties? (Lecture Notes on Celestial Marriage)




Third Part - 100 points

20. After the recent deaths of loved ones, an eight-year-old child once asked: "Why do people have to die? I wish Adam and Eve would have quickly eaten the fruit of life so that we could live happily forever ..."

How would you reply? Would humankind be better off if--after partaking of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil--Adam and Eve had also partaken of the fruit of life, thus making death impossible? Assume that this child is now an adult, and give three scripture-based reasons to justify your answer. (Read 2 Nephi 2:16, 22-23; 26-27 - 2 Nephi 9:6-10 - Alma 42:5,11)








I hope you have a good time answering these questions. If you have any concerns or criticisms about it, please talk to me as soon as possible. Once you are done, take a few hours off, have some fun, drink one caffeine-free sugar-free taste-free soda, or perhaps go for a walk. We will grade the exam together in our last class period--December 5. At that time you will turn in your final exam so I can take a look at it and record your score.