Lecture Notes for
Religion 231 - Doctrines of the Gospel
By Bro. Marcus Helvécio T. A. Martins, Ph.D.

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         A Few Ideas for Outstanding Academic Papers   (Required reading)

         Readings for Classroom Discussion:

Ontological and Epistemological Considerations
Divine Truth & Revelation: Avenue to Truth Std. Manual, chpt. 1 & 2
Doctrine on the Godhead
God, the Eternal Father chpt. 3
Jesus Christ, the Son of God chpt. 4
The Holy Ghost ch. 5
Doctrine on Humankind
Our Pre-mortal Life ch. 6
The Creation ch. 7
Doctrine on the Fall and the Atonement
The Fall ch. 8
The Atonement of Jesus Christ ch. 9
Doctrine on the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Faith, A Power that Centers in Christ ch. 13
Repentance & The Covenant of Baptism   (2 Links) ch. 14 & 15
The Gift of the Holy Ghost ch. 16
Spiritual Rebirth ch. 18
The Sacrament, a Memorial Ordinance ch. 20
Doctrine on the Kingdom of God
The Priesthood, What It Is, How It Works ch. 25
The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood ch. 26
Doctrine on the Purpose of Earth Life
Celestial Marriage ch. 28
The Lord's Second Coming & The Millenium ch. 36 & 37
Doctrine on Salvation and Exaltation
Death & Spirit World / Redemption of the Dead  (2 Links) ch. 30 & 31
The Resurrection and the Judgment ch. 32
Eternal Life ch. 19
Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition ch. 33

These readings are published only as support for classroom discussion.
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