Schedule for Doctrines of the Gospel 231
Winter Semester 2000 - Morning Class
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                               A Few Ideas for Outstanding Academic Papers   (Required reading)

Date Topic Readings

Jan 10 Introduction to the course (a.k.a. "The Scare-U-2-Death class") My lips
  Ontological and Epistemological Considerations 
Jan 12 Divine Truth & Revelation: Avenue to Truth Manual, ch. 1 & 2
  The Doctrine on the Godhead
Jan 17 God, the Eternal Father chpt. 3
  Human Rights/Martin Luther King Day  (Normal classes due to Y2K precautions)
Jan 19 Jesus Christ, the Son of God chpt. 4
Jan 24 The Holy Ghost ch. 5
  The Doctrine on Humankind
Jan 26 Our Pre-mortal Life ch. 6
Jan 31 The Creation ch. 7
  The Doctrine on the Fall and the Atonement
Feb 2 The Fall ch. 8
Feb 7 The Atonement of Jesus Christ ch. 9
  The Doctrine on the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Feb 9 Faith, A Power that Centers in Christ ch. 13
  Paper Draft Due
Feb 14 Repentance & The Covenant of Baptism (2 links) ch. 14 & 15
Feb 16 The Gift of the Holy Ghost ch. 16
Feb 21 Presidents' Day Holiday (no classes)
Feb 23 Spiritual Rebirth ch. 18
Feb 28 The Sacrament, a Memorial Ordinance ch. 20
  The Doctrine on the Kingdom of God
Mar 1 The Priesthood, What It Is, How It Works ch. 25
Mar 6 The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood ch. 26
Mar 8 Paper: Second Draft Review  (Also during my office hours)
Mar 13 Paper: Second Draft Review
  The Doctrine on the Purpose of Earth Life
Mar 15 Celestial Marriage ch. 28
Mar 20 The Lord's Second Coming & The Millenium ch. 36 & 37
  The Doctrine on Salvation and Exaltation
Mar 22 Death & Spirit World / Redemption of the Dead  (2 links) ch. 30 & 31
Mar 27 The Resurrection and the Final Judgment ch. 32
Mar 29 Eternal Life ch. 19
Apr 1&2 LDS Church's General Conference  (A 2-day long religion class)
Apr 3 Colloquium: "Highlights from General Conference"
Final Exercise handed out  <== Click here to obtain the final exam
Apr 5 Eternal Life ch. 19
Apr 10 Eternal Life  (conclusion)  
Apr 12 Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition ch. 33
  Final Exam Due  
Apr 17 Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition  (conclusion)  
  Paper Due  
Apr 20 No Final Class  

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