Sections 10 thru 12

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 10 thru 12

Section 10

"Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength" (4)

"Pray always" (5)

Contents of the stolen 116 pages of the Book of Mormon manuscript (44-46)

The faith of the ancient Nephite-Lamanite prophets and the blessings they left upon the land (46-51)

Section 11

 Keep commandments with might, mind, and strength (20)

Do not declare what you don't know (21-22)

Do not deny the spirit of prophecy and revelation (25)

Section 12

Requirements to assist in the work of the Lord (7-8)

Questions for Review

1. Who did the Prophet Joseph Smith entrust with the first 116 pages of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon? (10:Heading)

2. After the plates and the Urim and Thummim were returned to him, was the prophet Joseph Smith commanded to speed up the translation of the Book of Mormon? (10:4)

3. "...................................... always that ye may come off conqueror." (10:5)

4. What was contained in the lost 116 pages of the earliest Book of Mormon manuscript? (10:44)

5. Can anyone who feels so inclined officially preach the gospel as a missionary? Are faith and a strong testimony the only requirements to preach? (11:15)

6. What do we need to do before we endeavor to preach the gospel? (11:22)

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