Sections 22 thru 27

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 22 thru 27

Section 22

Baptism performed without proper authority is a "dead work" (2; see also D&C 132:7)

Sections 23 & 24

Make our callings known unto the world (23:2)

Priesthood blessings should not be offered (24:13-14)

Section 25

 Instructions to Emma Smith--and by analogy, to the wives of priesthood leaders (see verse 16)

The Lord delights in the song of the heart and considers the song of the righteous a prayer unto Him (12)

Sections 26 & 27

The law of common consent (26:2)

Observe how the Prophet Joseph Smith received the revelation about the sacrament (27:heading)

Bread and water in the administration of the sacrament are only symbols (27:2-3)

The armor of God (27:16-18)

Questions for Review

1. What does the Lord require in relation to miracles? (24:13-14)

2. Who among the early Latter-day Saints compiled the first collection of hymns for Church use? (25:1,11)

3. "Lay aside the things of this world and ......................." (25:10)

4. Decisions in the Church--for example, callings to offices, acceptance of new scriptures--must be reached according to which principle? (26:2; 28:13)

5. Did the Prophet Joseph Smith himself make the decision that allowed certain flexibility in choosing what to use in the sacrament? (27:heading)

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