Sections 28 thru 30

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 28 thru 30

Section 28

Only the President of the Church is authorized to receive revelations for all the church (2)

Just like Oliver Cowdery, all other members of the church speak by way of wisdom, and not as commandment (5)

The "Law of Common Consent" for decision-making in the Church (13)

Section 29

The goal of missionary work: to gather the elect, no one else (7)

The elect are to be gathered in one place (8)

At his second coming, the Lord will reveal himself in power and great glory (11)

Calamities to occur before the second coming (14-21)

Christ will be "ashamed to own" the wicked before the Father (27)

The wicked lack the power to come where Christ dwells (29)

All things and all commandments are spiritual for the Lord (34-35)

Who is the devil? (36-39)

The Fall of Adam (40-41)

All will receive wages of whoever they list (i.e. are inclined) to obey (45)

Little children cannot sin and are beyond the devil's grasp (46-47)

Those who are accountable and need to repent; and the Lord himself will take care of the others (49-50)

Section 30

We display fear of men when we don't rely on the Lord for strength (1-2)

An example for missionary companions: be afflicted in all of your companion's afflictions (6)

Questions for Review

1. Who will be gathered by the Lord? (29:2)

2. What is the distinctive characteristic of the "elect"? (29:7)

3. For how many years will the Lord dwell in righteousness on the earth? (29:11)

4. What will happen after the Millennium? (29:22-23)

5. Give an example of a strictly temporal commandment. (29:34-35)

6. What is the status of little children (i.e. those children before the age of accountability--eight years old) in the Church? (29:46)

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