Sections 4 thru 6 

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 4 thru 6

Section 4

How to serve the Lord in an acceptable manner (2)

Having "an eye single to the glory of God" (5)

Section 5

Three witnesses will receive power to view the sacred objects (11-14)

Conditions by which Martin Harris could prepare himself to become one of those witnesses (23-24)

Section 6

Rich are those who have eternal life (7)

When preaching the gospel, preach only repentance (9)

"Trifle not with sacred things" (12)

Only God knows our thoughts (16)

Other items of knowledge, counsel, and promises:

Questions for Review

1. In order to work their own salvation, what should those who embark in God's service offer? (4:2)

2. The Lord said the following about the Three Witnesses: "And unto none else will I grant ... this same testimony."  However, the Eight Witnesses also saw the plates. How do we explain that? (5:11-14; 17:1)

3. The Lord said that before we search for riches we should search for: (6:7)

4. What is the greatest gift one can receive from God? (6:13; 14:7)

5. Who can know our thoughts? (6:16)

6. What is the "Law of Witnesses"? (6:28)

7. What is the "Law of the Harvest"? (6:33)

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