Sections 43 thru 45

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 43 thru 45

Section 43

The President of the Church is the only one appointed to receive revelations and commandments to the whole church (3-5)

What should be taught or discussed in church meetings (8-10)

            Instruct and edify each other on how to act upon points of revealed law and commandments
Not appropriate: music recitals, accounts of trips, stand-up comic acts, and assorted "song-and-dances"

Bro. Martins' video: Oratory in Church Meetings (YouTube - 2020)

Sanctification comes by obedience to those laws we have received (9)

To receive more mysteries, do not allow the prophet to look for a job somewhere (13)

Elders of the Church are sent not to be taught, but to teach (15-16)

Power to "bind" or "conquer" Satan will come from above as a result of our desire to be obedient (31; see also D&C 45:55 and Pres. George Q. Cannon's statement, std. manual, p.89)

Section 44

Church must be organized as an institution according to the laws of each country in which it has converts (4-5)

Section 45

Those who receive the Lord receive powers: to perform miracles; to become sons of God; to obtain eternal life (8)

Absence of spirits from bodies: a bondage (17; see also D&C 138:50)

Signs of the last days

Do not fear: faithful disciples will not lose their reward, no matter what happens in the world (32)

Questions for Review

1. What should we teach one another in our meetings? (43:8)

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