Sections 46 thru 48

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 46 thru 48

Section 46

Important: the material related to section 46 in the student manual is excellent--but what's new about that?

Church meetings are conducted as leaders are directed and guided by the Spirit of the Lord (2)

Church leaders should never cast anyone out of public meetings (3-5; see also 3 Nephi 18:22-23,29-33)

Seek earnestly the best gifts (8-9)

All have one gift, but all do not have all gifts, except ... (11-12, 29)

Bishops are given the power to discern these gifts (27)

Sections 47 & 48

Commandments regarding record-keeping (section 47)

Saints commanded to purchase lands for settlement (section 48)

Questions for Review

1. The Lord gives spiritual gifts for the benefit of ... (46:9)

2. Who has the keys to discern spiritual gifts? (46:27)

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