Section 59

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General Authorities & Officers' Discussion on the Sabbath Day (October 2015):
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Section 59

What to do on the Sabbath (i.e. The Lord's Day - a.k.a. Sunday):  (9-14)

"Fasting" means "rejoicing"  (14)

If the above-mentioned things are done with thanksgiving and cheerful hearts and countenances, (15-19)

The Lord is pleased to give us these blessings (20)

The Lord is offended by those who do not confess His hands in all things (21) 

Rewards for works of righteousness: peace in this world; eternal life in the world to come (23)

Questions for Review

1. What kind of sacrifice does the Lord require of us? (59:8)

2. What are some of the things the Lord commanded us to do on the Sabbath? (59:11-12)

3. How should food for the Sabbath be prepared? (59:13)

4. How can a person offend God and kindle his wrath? (59:21)

5. "... he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even ...................... in this world and ............................ in the world to come." (59:23)

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