Sections 60 thru 63

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 60 thru 63

Section 60

The Lord is angry with those who do not open their mouths to declare his gospel (2-3)

More instructions on missionary work: (7-8,13-14)

Sections 61 & 62

The Lord decreed destructions upon the waters (61:5-6, 14-16)

Testimony of the Elders is recorded in heaven (62:3)

Section 63

Sign seekers will see them; however not exactly how they would like them ... (7-12)

Adultery is sin even when committed in one's heart (16)

Earth shall be transfigured (21)

Mysteries to become a well of living water (23)

No death (as we currently understand it) during the Millennium (50-51)

This is a day of warning, not of many words (58)

The scope of the Lord's knowledge and influence (59; see also D&C 88:41)

The seriousness of taking the name of the Lord in vain (61-62,64)

Questions for Review

1. The Lord stated that He is not pleased with those who do not open their mouths due to ... (60:2-3)

2. The Lord specified a few practices to be avoided while we engage in missionary work. What are they? (60:7-8,14)

3. Through whom did the Lord curse the waters in these last days? (61:14)

4. What happens when the Elders [and the Sisters] of the Church bear their testimonies? (62:3)

5. What should signs (i.e., spiritual manifestations) be used for? (63:11-12)

6. Where can we find the description of the transfigured earth written by Peter, James and John? (63:21)

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