Sections 68 thru 75

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 68 thru 75

Section 68

Definition of scripture (2-4)

Literal descendants of Aaron have the right to be ordained Bishops (14-21)

Commandments to parents regarding teaching the gospel to their children (25-28)

Idleness and greed are sins (31-32)

Sections 69 & 70

Commandment regarding historical records and the history of the Church (69:3, 5, 7-8)

Important: lack of equality in temporal things inhibits spiritual manifestations (70:14)

Section 71

Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon instructed to disprove the false information against the church through preaching (1,7)

. At that time this was necessary in order to prepare for further revelations (4)
This was a special situation; today we do not ordinarily engage in public debates

No weapon shall prosper against the church (9)

Antagonists will be confounded in the Lord's due time (10)

To confound: to cause to become confused, amazed, perplexed; to cause to be ashamed; to frustrate; to astonish so that one becomes immobilized or loses one's equanimity (i.e. calm, composure)

However, antagonists may not be confounded exactly today  (read 3 Nephi 27:11-12)

Section 72

The Concept of "stewardship": All material goods belong to the Lord, and are to be used to do good  (3-4)

. Read D&C 58:26-29 once again in connection with the concept of "stewardship"

A few words about the calling of a bishop (10-11):

Sections 73 & 74

A commandment to return to translation of the Bible (73:4)

An explanation of 1 Corinthians 7:14  (section 74)

Section 75

Honor and glory to the preachers of righteousness (3-5)

The gospel is to be preached by the Spirit (10-11)

Read D&C 50:13-14, 17-25
Not by intellectual, physical, nor subliminal means

Shaking off the dust of the feet (20)

Questions for Review

1. According to the Lord's definition, what is "scripture"? (68:4)

2. Bishops must be literal descendants of Aaron. What do we do when we can't find one of those direct descendants? (68:19)

3. In addition to teaching them the basics of the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism,) what else are parents in Zion supposed to teach their children? (68:28)

4. Spiritual manifestations are predicated upon a little-known principle. What is it? (70:14)

5. How dangerous are the efforts of those who oppose the restored Church of Jesus Christ? (71:9-10)

6. Who will inherit the Lord's mansions? (72:3-4)

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