Case Analysis Exercise
Spring Term 2006
The objective of this exercise is to apply the principles of Church organization and leadership to assist the individuals in these two hypothetical scenarios.

You must refer to the articles and talks studied in the course to substantiate your responses to these situations.  We will discuss these cases together in class, and if you take good notes, you may find that about 50% of the work will have been done.

Further instructions for this paper are in the syllabus.  Be sure to follow those detailed instructions.

Case #1

Leon is a student at a local university and is very active in the Church. Leon changed residence but left the phone line in his former house under his name. The current occupants, also students, made several long distance phone calls and last week Leon received a bill from the phone company so expensive that he has no means to pay it. He contacted the Bishop and asked for financial assistance from the Church.

If you were Leon’s Bishop, how would you respond to his request?


Case #2

The Jones are a family of five people–the parents and children ages 17, 15, 10, and 6. Recently they experienced a severe financial setback when Brother Jones was laid-off from a job he held for over 10 years. Just two years ago they remodeled their beautiful house and six months ago bought a brand-new car.

If you were Sister Jones’ Relief Society President, what would be your first action in this case? And if you were the Jones’ Bishop, what would you do?